Our collective approach

We're collaborators. We believe that the best ideas come from many minds working together -- and that includes our clients. In fact, we bring our clients along for the entire journey. From conception to the final delivery, we make sure that they have a strong voice in the crafting of their stories. Together, we share the euphoric feeling that comes from seeing ideas take flight.

Who we are

Belinda Ensor and Joel Checkley founded Tiny Empire Collective way back in 2015. Based in Fitzroy, this artistic duo works with a collective of friends and creatives. They're also happily married (to each other).

When they're not working, you can usually find Bel and Joel at the Westgarth Cinema, shooting espressos on Smith Street, or obsessing over their cats Neko Case and PJ Harvey.


Bel loves history and film in equal measure, so historical storytelling seemed a snug fit. With an MA in Public History, and a CV encompassing Museums Victoria, commercial heritage and film producer, she believes in the power of community collaboration to produce work with tangible emotion, beauty and humor. Bel is also the development manager for Victorian Collections at Museums Australia (Victoria), so she knows how to talk the talk.


Joel sees life at 24 frames per second. With a BA in media arts, and a background in music video production and narrative short filmmaking, Joel brings his passion for learning, music and storytelling to Tiny Empire Collective. He loves that each day offers something new to discover, and a new story to shoot in close up.